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Best Places for Dining, Shopping, and Sightseeing Near Mystic CT

Travel Guide by Glori Law

There are an incredible number of things to do year round in the Mystic area. We constantly update this guide based on our own experiences and with feedback from our guests, who now total over 120 rentals. We have gotten a good idea of what is worthwhile and what isn't. Our goal is to provide visitors with ideas and descriptions that will help to make their visit memorable. We don't get any favors, freebies, gifts etc. from any of the sites we mention.

To the left is the steamboat Sabino that is the oldest wooden, coal-fired steamboat in regular operation in the U.S. Built in 1908 in East Boothbay, Maine. It still has the original engine! It leaves from the Mystic Seaport and cruises up the Mystic river right in front of our house

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Captain Daniel Packard Inne

Captain Daniel Packard Inne is another of my top five places in Mystic, even if the Captain and little Aida from the 18th century are still lurking around the place! It was built over 250 years ago with the construction completed in 1756. The walls of the pub downstairs are about three feet thick and have withstood countless floodings including Hurricane Sandy a few years ago. There are so many reasons to love this place! The food is excellent in both the upstairs dining room and the pub, the atmosphere is fantastic, their tiny bar downstairs has a roaring fireplace during most seasons , great bar choices , colorful , friendly local people hanging out and best of all at ten o'clock each night free live good music!

The whole pub area probably does not measure more then 30x50, if that, so more often then not you are seated with other groups or jammed at the bar together. We have met so many interesting people there. Some of our favorite performers are Izzy Malek, James Harris , but you pretty much can't go wrong. Once in a while they have DJ night and that isn't even bad because of where you are! The absolute best night of the week is Thursday jazz night. A bunch of guys of all ages and walks of life just show up with their instruments and start to jam. Many of them are phenomenal performers that seem like they could have been classically trained at Jullard or Berkee. Chuck knows a lot about music and said that one drummer he heard there was probably the best he has ever heard, bar none! These performers are confined to a space that is ago 10 by 15 feet but manage to make incredible music. You can be sitting at a table with some stranger and all of a sudden they will pull out a saxophone and start playing from your table. This place is a not to be missed experience. My only problem is that I am usually exhausted by 10 at night so don't get there as much as I would like to. This place is about 10 minutes away and closer then that on the way home when you are the only car on the road!