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Best Places for Dining, Shopping, and Sightseeing Near Mystic CT

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There are an incredible number of things to do year round in the Mystic area. We constantly update this guide based on our own experiences and with feedback from our guests, who now total over 120 rentals. We have gotten a good idea of what is worthwhile and what isn't. Our goal is to provide visitors with ideas and descriptions that will help to make their visit memorable. We don't get any favors, freebies, gifts etc. from any of the sites we mention.

To the left is the steamboat Sabino that is the oldest wooden, coal-fired steamboat in regular operation in the U.S. Built in 1908 in East Boothbay, Maine. It still has the original engine! It leaves from the Mystic Seaport and cruises up the Mystic river right in front of our house

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Point Judith, Rhode Island

Point Judith, Block Island Ferry There is not a website for Point Judith, but is interesting to see in itself even if you are not going to Block Island. It is a no nonsense fishing port with massive fishing trawlers, some great seafood restaurants and fish markets. We used to go there all the time to get our fish before Seawell arrived on our island. If you are going to visit there I would still bring a cooler as the fish is varied and amazing. We went into a fish place there once where they had a lobster that was the size of a small child! The kids were in awe of it so the fisherman took it out of its case, took the band off and put a pencil in its pincher, which it immediately snapped in two! Made us realize how dangerous lobster fishing is. This thing could have as easily broken a wrist! Be careful if you cook lobster at home to leave the bands on!

Anyway getting back to Point Judith there is a certain charm about seeing the industrial side of fishing. It is out on the broad Atlantic so it is a much harsher climate with strong sea breezes that are filled with fish aromas. There are a few shops and as I said several good seafood restaurants. This is another great photography place. There is also a huge beach there that we have not gone to being non beach goers. This is probably about an hour from the house.