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A series of interesting articles about techniques and concepts used in our recipes.

Eat Better Spend Less - Our Strategy

Arrive on Saturday. If possible hit the Farmers Market in Stonington, Macondo Coffee in Stonington, BigY grocery, and Grand wine and spirits in Mystic. If in a rush, just BigY and the liquor store. This can be done for any size group, but I am calculating for a party of 6. Download a Shopping List
1. At Big Y ((860) 536-5813 79 Stonington Rd, Mystic, CT 06355) get selection of olives, Cheese (Aged Cheddar, a few soft cheeses, a Blue, and maybe a goat cheese like Humbolt Fog), Shaved Parmesan Reggiano, Mixed greens, fresh basil, rotisserie chicken, some lemons, olive oil, crackers, and a selection of Ice creams. If you don't want olive oil lemon on greens get something else. Pick up non alcoholic beverages. Think about Sunday breakfast eggs, toast, cereal, milk juice. Don't make it a big deal, get in and get out.

2. Macondo Coffee ((860) 980-3421 530 Stonington Rd, Stonington, CT 06378) is on Rt 1 a few miles down the rd. Their coffee is very fresh and they really know what they are doing. Get a few bags of coffee do not have them grind it. My review in Yelp is here

3. Grand Wine and Liquor ((860) 572-8446 25 Broadway Ave, Mystic, CT). Get Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc, Mark West pinot noir, and some cold beer

4. Cut the each cheese into a few pieces. Put a selection of cheeses and olives, crackers on a platter. If you got cured meats or smoked fish put them on there too. Head to the Sun Room and relax watch sunset and enjoy drinks, and great food. The setting is beautiful and it is noisy so you can actually talk. Cover the cheese board, put in fridge and replenish it for next meals.

5. Dinner. Throw greens on plate with a little fresh basil, add a little oil, a few drops of lemon, salt and pepper. Top with some chicken and shaved parmesan. More drinks. Hardly any dishes. No carbs.

6. Ice cream for dessert.

For six people at a local restaurant this would cost you around $300 and you would never get a cheese platter this good and you don't have to worry about drinking and driving. You just saved $200 and hopefully experienced a great sunset.

1. Follow the detailed instructions in the kitchen to make some incredible coffee.

2. Scrambled eggs in nonstick skillet with fresh basil and some cheddar, toast, maybe some fruit or cereal. Cha Ching! You just saved at least $70 without waiting to be served and having to drink lousy coffee.