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A series of interesting articles about techniques and concepts used in our recipes.

Sautéed Oysters and Mushrooms with toasted Panko

This is a slight variation on the theme with more pics. We didn't have really good mushrooms or bread.

1 dozen oysters
Oyster Mushrooms
1 TBS chopped Garlic
1/4 cup cream
Olive oil
Finely diced Shallot, scallion, or onion
Diced Bacon
1 TBS Worcestershire
1/4 cup TBS White wine
Grated Parmesan

Cut up ingredients, and throw into a pan, Worcestershire sauce, and a little olive oil. Cook on medium heat.

Add some sriracha or something else for a little heat

Add white wine, cook until half evaporated, then add cream.

This didn't have enough volume so I added a little more white wine.

cook done a little then turn off heat and ADJUST seasoning. If bland add salt, to much richness add lemon. Get it perfect, most common problem is too little salt. It is difficult to change the seasoning after the oysters are added. Now add Oysters to the pan that is not on heat

Put pan back on heat briefly, like15 seconds, in order to start to gently cook the bottom of the oysters. Now finish under the broiler.

Cook very briefly. look for a little bubbling and the oysters to start curl just a little. Cooking will continue after you remove from the heat. You can always cook them more! Here I topped them with Panko toasted with 2 TBS olive oil. The crumbs stay crunchy because of the oil. I prefer jump croutons but we didn't have bread.

Finish with a a light squeeze of lemon, no more than 1 drop per oyster. Serve it right in the pan with either crackers or toasted baguette slices. This could be plated, and served as an appetizer.