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A Great Comparison of Restaurant vs Home Cooking Costs

scallops You are in an unbelievable setting that was used by native Indian tribes hundreds of years ago, with a view that no restaurant in the area can match. Incredibly fresh local ingredients and a professional kitchen are all you need to create amazing, memorable meals

Restaurants are expensive, noisy, and sometimes not that great. I frequently am left thinking, "I could have done that better for a fraction of the cost." As a result, when we are at Mystic, we eat most of our meals at home. The ingredients available locally are fantastic, the view is better than any restaurant and the kitchen is a great cooking/gathering place. And we can drink great wine at a reasonable cost. Check out the following price comparison for 6 people.

At a popular local restaurant in Mystic: Total Cost = $465 includes a 20% tip
6 appetizers (Clam chowder, salad, mussels, squash soup, tuna, bruschetta) = $76
6 main courses at avg price of $30/ea = $180
3 desserts at $8/ea = $24
9 glasses of wine @ $12ea = $108

Full blown over the top Meal At 26 School House: Total Cost = $275
Appetizers - Artisan Cheese platter, charcuterie selection, Jumbo shrimp) $75 + 2 bottles Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Wine $30
Main course - Prime Angus steaks with local shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, roasted red potatoes $85 + 2 bottles Pinot Noir $40
Dessert - Purchased from bakery $20, and Taylor Floodgate 10 yr Tawny Port $25

A really good Meal: Total Cost = $145
Appetizers - Artisan Cheese platter, charcuterie selection, olives. $50 + Sauvignon blanc and regional IPA $20
Main course - Smoked/Baked Black Pearl Salmon on wilted baby spinach $30 + Sauvignon blanc and regional IPA $20
Dessert - Ice cream with flourless chocolate cake from bakery $25

Finally, Lets pay somebody to clean up the dishes! We still have paid way less than a restaurant.

So the elephant in the kitchen is "How are you going to cook all that?" Easy! The appetizer is mostly purchased ready to go.. The steaks are oven roasted until the internal temp is 130 degrees, then finished on the grill, the potatoes and asparagus roasted in the oven on aluminum foil. The shiitake mushroom sauce takes a few minutes, but is easy. With a few instructions, the right utensils, and a thermometer, anybody can pull this off.

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