As I approach retirement, I plan to transition from being a physician to being an artist. I spent my summers while in junior and senior high school working in a boat yard helping mechanics, painters, and wood workers. I have always enjoyed using these skills to build furniture, but it wasn't until the last few years that I branched out and started to create what I call architectural art. Visitors to the house have seen a progression of projects over the years

Indoor Pond

In our house in Pittsburgh I built an indoor koi pond. It has a natural water filter made of a 25 gal barrel of lava rock inoculated with natural pond bacteria. This has kept the water clean for ten years without any maintenance. We don't add any chemicals, nutrients, algicides etc.. water is pumped out of the pond, to the bottom of the barrel where it percolates up through the lava rock ecosystem before flowing down to the waterfall. The lights in the pond are made from color changing Leds that are turned on and off by the home automation system