26 School House

scallops You are in an unbelievable setting that was used by native Indian tribes hundreds of years ago, with a view that no restaurant in the area can match. Incredibly fresh local ingredients and a professional kitchen are all you need to create amazing, memorable meals

Need more information, or help with a specific cooking issue or challenge? Guests can contact us at anytime for help!

Cooking at 26 SchoolHouse

The kitchen is fully equipped. Everything is there and nothing is put away. We even provide many condiments and staples so you don't have to go out and buy everything. We love to cook and have done some professional work as well. The kitchen is set up to be very functional as well as a design Tour de force. This is not a typical vacation rental set up. The goal was to create a place to cook and entertain. It is the ultimate cooking, eating gathering place.

Mortar and base

If you have not made pesto with a mortar and pestle before, you are missing something fantastic. I searched around and got a good one from a Amazon. A good one is heavy and made from granite. The problem is that the granite can scratch countertops. you can put the mortar on something to protect the countertops or you can make a base out of silicone. I had some silicone for mold making, that was too old for any serious project, laying around. So I made a quick mold and poured.

Ended up with a good result, so Im going to make a re-usable mold and get some black silicone

Here is a cross section from Adobe Illustrator

The brown is wood and the black will be the silicone with the walls tapered in slightly to grab the bottom of the mortar better

New England Cooking School

We are organizing and formalizing the cooking experience at 26 School House. With a professional kitchen and and incredible views, it is a perfect location for cooking and learning. We don't live locally yet, so we can't give demonstrations or classes. What we can do is provide the equipment and detailed instructions needed to create incredible dishes that would cost a fortune at a restaurant. This is perfect for guests who want to cook one meal, or every meal, at the house. It is a great opportunity for "Foodies" who want to learn some new techniques and where to get great ingredients. The dishes will focus on local ingredients, easy preparation, and minimizing mess. There will be something for everybody ranging from basics of cooking seafood to making mozzarella from scratch

Great new kitchen

Prior to the kitchen renovation, the kitchen was just too small for cooking, especially if several chefs were involved. Even a couple people cooking would have to jockey for space. We had fresh seafood, a spectacular setting, cookware, grills etc.. but the kitchen was pretty much the original design.

In 2016 we gathered a group of very talented folks people produced a result that is almost impossible to describe.

Architectural artistry. Ceiling height "aquariums", turquoise inlay, a hand built copper and pewter range hood, hand crafted hickory cabinets, leather finish granite counters, a six burner gas range and more. Everything is here that you need.

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