26 School House

scallops You are in an unbelievable setting that was used by native Indian tribes hundreds of years ago, with a view that no restaurant in the area can match. Incredibly fresh local ingredients and a professional kitchen are all you need to create amazing, memorable meals

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New England Cooking School

We are organizing and formalizing the cooking experience at 26 School House. With a professional kitchen and and incredible views, it is a perfect location for cooking and learning. We don't live locally yet, so we can't give demonstrations or classes. What we can do is provide the equipment and detailed instructions needed to create incredible dishes that would cost a fortune at a restaurant. This is perfect for guests who want to cook one meal, or every meal, at the house. It is a great opportunity for "Foodies" who want to learn some new techniques and where to get great ingredients. The dishes will focus on local ingredients, easy preparation, and minimizing mess. There will be something for everybody ranging from basics of cooking seafood to making mozzarella from scratch