26 School House

scallops You are in an unbelievable setting that was used by native Indian tribes hundreds of years ago, with a view that no restaurant in the area can match. Incredibly fresh local ingredients and a professional kitchen are all you need to create amazing, memorable meals

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Mortar and base

If you have not made pesto with a mortar and pestle before, you are missing something fantastic. I searched around and got a good one from a Amazon. A good one is heavy and made from granite. The problem is that the granite can scratch countertops. you can put the mortar on something to protect the countertops or you can make a base out of silicone. I had some silicone for mold making, that was too old for any serious project, laying around. So I made a quick mold and poured.

Ended up with a good result, so Im going to make a re-usable mold and get some black silicone

Here is a cross section from Adobe Illustrator

The brown is wood and the black will be the silicone with the walls tapered in slightly to grab the bottom of the mortar better