PLEASE READ! Almost everything people call us about already has detailed instructions. If we missed something or need to refine the directions please let us know!

Bedroom AC

How to clean the filters here

User Manual here

Sliding Windows in Sunroom

These are really old widows, I think from the 1960s, please be gentle.

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Trash Compactor

The trash compactor is a lousy design, but it does work if you do everything just right.

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Front Door Lock Battery Change

It is unlikely that you will need to do this, but here are instructions just in case

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There are two wireless networks.

MysticSecure - Offers both 2.4 and 5 gHz that are automatically determined for your device.

MysticChild - password = waterfront This is filtered to prevent adult content and turns off between 11p-6a. I have not tested the adult content filter and I cannot guarantee that it is effective but it is my best effort to to protect children from inappropriate content

Apple TV

The Apple TV remote works the Apple TV. You can log in with your Apple account to get all of your content, but remember to log out before you leave.


The fireplace is controlled by a remote labeled "Fireplace." press a button for the desired time. The flame height builds as the fireplace warms up. If the red light on the remote flickers when a button pressed it means the batteries are low. It takes two 2032 batteries

Activities Documents

Click here for the Activities Guide

This is a comprehensive guide for everything that is worth doing in the Mystic area. It is based on our own experiences and from feedback we get from visitors.Welcome



Look at the top of the unit to determine its current status

Bluestar Gas Range

The Bluestar 6 burner gas range is easy to use with a few easy instructions

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Coffee Coffee Coffee

Start with good coffee. The best place locally is Macondo in Stoneington. This is the hands down winner well worth the trip. Fresh beans that are not over roasted. See my review on Yelp. If the beans are oily looking they have been ruined by excessive heat; The actual flavor of the beans is gone. Roasters who do this can use low quality beans but still charge top dollar. Outfits like Starbucks have convinced millions that over roasted coffee is good.

Click Here for Drip Coffee Brewing Instructions The ultimate guide to making incredible drip coffee. Follow the instructions carefully, I have written them to be as precise as possible. This is really easy and fast after you go through the process once.

Drip Coffee Picture Guide Same instructions as above but with step by step pictures

Coffee by the cup Instructions using the CleverCup brewer for when you only want one great cup



Super Quite! We had a repairman come out to verify that it was actually working. Please read the instructions.

If the Control Bar isn't lit, touch it to activate it.

Use the Blue arrows to select "Normal Wash" Note: If "Wash Cycles" is lit in blue, touch it to display the various cycles

Hit 'START" and close door. Don't expect much to happen. The Dishwasher is REALLY QUITE, you can hardly hear it.


Fossil Bar

Cleaning - The bar is made of epoxy and covered with multiple layers of marine grade varnish. It is possible to scratch it so do not use abrasives on it. Soap and water will not hurt it.

The lights underneath turn on at 8:00pm:

Blue = < 20% chance of rain

Green = 20-80% chance of rain

Red = > 80% chance of rain

Gas Grill, Weber

  1. Remove grill cover and set it where it won’t burn or blow away; it is not cheap to replace!
  2. Make sure all burners are set to off.
  3. Open the the cabinet doors, and turn gas on by turning main gas valve clockwise.
  4. Lift grill hood up.
  5. Turn on burners, one at a time, and press the electric start each time an additional burner is turned on.
  6. The small knob is for the “sear burner that creates extra heat between the left and middle burners
  7. An accessory burner is located outside the grill hood on the right.
  8. When you are done, turn the burners off and turn off the main gas valve.
  9. Please keep the grill clean

Home Theater Troubleshooting

How the system works (short Version). The Remote sends signals to the Hub that is attached to the top of the coffee table next to the couch. The Hub sends a sequence of signals to the TV/receiver to make everything happen in the right order. Note the remote can be pointed in any direction and still work because it uses radio waves.The hub, however, uses infrared light so it must have an unobstructed view to the tv/receiver; If somebody is standing between the hub and the tv/receiver it will not work.

Most common issues

1. No power to the Hub. If the Hub has power, you will see it has a glowing led light. The hub has a power plug in the back that goes to a transformer plugged into a power strip on the floor. If any is not plugged in the system won't work. Solution: check connections.

2. Obstruction between the Hub and the System. Solution: remove the obstruction and try again. You may have to hit the off button on the remote and start from the beginning

3. TV does not turn on. The electric eye in the TV is getting a little flaky. Sometimes everything turns on but the TV. Solution: push the power button on the bottom left of the TV(there is a label)

4. Something isn't working right. Sometimes there is a glitch in the signaling sequence that gets the system out of sequence from the remote. I have tried to program the system to prevent this, but it can happen. Solution: Press the Off button on the remote to power of the system. Then start the system back up, being careful not to be blocking the hub

Here are some instructions that will solve most problems that are likely to occur. Instructions

Home theater

Click here for Home Theater Instructions

The home theater system is easy to use. A single remote operates almost everything, the instructions should be on the coffee table. Sometimes the TV doesn't cooperate with the on command and has to be turned on manually by pushing the white button on the lower left portion of the screen. If you are having problems, please call or Email and we will get things working.

Voice control with Alexa. The system now has voice control to turn on TV. see instructions for details


Kitchen Info

Click Here for Instructions about the Kitchen

Lots of things to know about the kitchen


Music in kitchen

Music in the mystic vacation rental

Music can be streamed directly or you can use Alexa voice control to play music

Click here for instruction on music system



Oven, electric

Instructions for using the electric oven in Mystic rentalLots of buttons but the concept is simple. The top oven has a really good pizza stone that stays in the oven. Don't forget step 4

1. Select the oven you want to adjust i.e. Upper or Lower by touching the appropriate label

2. Select the Cooking action i.e. "Bake"

3. Enter a temperature

4. Press START. There will be a chime and lights to indicate stuff is happening. This part is easy to forget

5. To change cooking modes, hit Cancel and start over at step 1.

6. To adjust temp while cooking, use the "-" and "+" signs. The numerical pad doesn't work while cooking is in progress

7. Keep the Pizza stone in the top oven



Pizza Oven, Blackstone Propane

If you have any questions, call us at 860-415-3323

1) Remove cover and put it in the black plastic cage next to the pizza oven so it won't blow away.
2) Reach under the pizza oven to the rotisserie motor underneath. There is an on-off switch on the bottom surface of the motor (See picture below); turn it on so that the pizza turntable starts turning.
***** Do not go any further if this does not work.****** The stone will crack. (yes, somebody has already done this)

3) Turn the propane tank valve slowly clockwise; turning it too fast will cause a reduction in gas pressure due to a safety mechanism.
Light the burner using one of the two methods below:

  • 1) Use the portable gas lighter. Light it and stick it through the hole on the side of the oven so it is near the burner. Turn the gas control on the front of the oven clockwise about 3/4 to full.
  • 2) Turn the gas control in the front of the pizza oven up to about three quarters you'll hear a loud sound of the gas. Press and hold the starter button. You should hear it snapping and you'll see small sparks on the inside near the burner. Keep holding the button until the flame light sometimes it takes a little while. Don't put your face right in front of the opening unless you are tired of having eyebrows.

4) Preheat the stone on high for about 10 minutes. The temp on the bottom stone should be about 750. Use the thermal gun to test the temp.infra-red thermometer

5) Load the pie using the metal pizza peel. You can briefly stop the motor while doing this. When you load the pie, you want to decrease the heat to about half or a little bit less (just high enough to start a low roaring noise.) Thin pizza can be run at higher temp since there is less chance of under cooking the dough. Decreaseit more for thicker pizza dough.

6) Cook the pizza until it has areas that are black on the top, this is called "leoparding." You can check the bottom of the pizza, again you want it to get to the point where it nice and brown, a newborn spots is not an issue. If you need to finish up the top a little bit more you can always turn the heat up to high.
Take the pizza off the stone using the metal peel, the wood one does not work very good for this.

7) If you're continuing to cook pizzas turn the flame down to about half while you prepare the next pizza. Use the heat gun, you're looking for a bottom stone temperature of around 750. If you're done cooking pizzas turn off the gas at the tank then turn off the control on the front of the oven and turn off the electric motor for the platter.
Put the temp gun back in the plastic box. When the oven cools, put the cover on it.


Shower, Upstairs Bathroom

Turn turn shower on, pull the handle out (i.e. away from the wall)

Rotate towards red for hot and towards blue for cold.

Push in to stop water

Make sure shower curtain is against wall that the water control is on when showering


Thermostats Operation and Schedule

The heating system uses a very efficient oil furnace and 3 Nest thermostats. The temperature is modulated to provide comfort without wasting energy. The thermostats run on a schedule that is listed below. However, the thermostats can also be manually set. If the house is empty for more than a day, the temp is decreased to 50 degrees. We turn the heating schedule back on a few hours before guests arrive.

Thermostat Schedule
Bedrooms (Upstairs and Master)
6:15a temp increases to 70
10:15p temp decreases to 64
1:00a temp decreases to 59
Living room
6:15 temp increases to 70
Nest thermostat instructions

10p temp decreases to 61

Operating Nest Thermostats

1. Wave your hand in front of thermostat a few inches away, it should light up.

2. Grasp the outer rim of the thermostat and turn to adjust the temp

3. Thats it!

4. If you you push on the screen, you might get the full set of functions.

Simply turn the dial to highlight the check mark and push in on the dial

You can also use small fans like these to keep cool Click Here


Welcome Tour

This is a document with the key points that are covered in our walk through tour

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