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Home Theater Troubleshooting

How the system works (short Version). The Remote sends signals to the Hub that is attached to the top of the coffee table next to the couch. The Hub sends a sequence of signals to the TV/receiver to make everything happen in the right order. Note the remote can be pointed in any direction and still work because it uses radio waves.The hub, however, uses infrared light so it must have an unobstructed view to the tv/receiver; If somebody is standing between the hub and the tv/receiver it will not work.

Most common issues

1. No power to the Hub. If the Hub has power, you will see it has a glowing led light. The hub has a power plug in the back that goes to a transformer plugged into a power strip on the floor. If any is not plugged in the system won't work. Solution: check connections.

2. Obstruction between the Hub and the System. Solution: remove the obstruction and try again. You may have to hit the off button on the remote and start from the beginning

3. TV does not turn on. The electric eye in the TV is getting a little flaky. Sometimes everything turns on but the TV. Solution: push the power button on the bottom left of the TV(there is a label)

4. Something isn't working right. Sometimes there is a glitch in the signaling sequence that gets the system out of sequence from the remote. I have tried to program the system to prevent this, but it can happen. Solution: Press the Off button on the remote to power of the system. Then start the system back up, being careful not to be blocking the hub

Here are some instructions that will solve most problems that are likely to occur. Instructions