New Year Upkeep

It is always something. We try really hard to keep everything working properly and adding instructions to allow guests to make use of all the features of the house.

Lots of small fixes that take time. New battery backup to keep home automation and network running. Tested and upgraded all network components. Set up a redundant digital door lock system in case it needs to be replaced. Created new versions of all house instructions. Changed batteries in fireplace remote. Fixed screws securing the dishwasher, Removed refrigerator and freezer handles, epoxied the screw mounts and replaced the handles

Internet, Lighting, Automation

I am hard at work preparing to upgrade the Wireless system to a commercial product that will offer better coverage and best of class security. This will allow us to provide the best internet experience possible and to allow guests to conduct business transactions with maximum security. We currently have a solid system that exceeds what most guests have in their own homes. I am also working on a backup internet based entry system that can be readily used if the current front door system fails. We are totally committed to making every visit as safe and productive as possible.


I put over 1,000 lbs of concrete and mortar into the seawall during our recent trip! Pretty good exercise. The sea is relentless and I have fallen behind on maintenance. Hopefully this has caught things up to where a yearly bag or two of mortar will keep things in shape. It is actually kind of fun to do the work, although a helper would have made so much difference. Spent a great deal of time on the internet, learning about different cement products. I used Rapid Set material that is expensive but quickly hardens before the tide comes back in

Rebuilding Seawall

Wedding At Mystic

Our daughter was married on the property in June 2018. Everything was done on site and we did a large amount of the cooking for 180 people. It was spectacular. It also provided great motivation to do landscaping and bathroom remodeling

Bathrooms Done!

Both downstairs bathrooms have been completely rebuilt, and are stunning! Pictures coming soon

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