New Router and WiFi System

New Router for rental guests

I am always upgrading the electronics to provide guests with great systems for music, TV, internet and safety. For most guests, it is a step up from what they have at home.

I finally made the jump to a new router and a wired access point Synology. The old system was still working after many years, but there have been many improvements in the technology that I wanted to take advantage of. The new system has 4 antennas, so it can manage simultaneous traffic from multiple devices expeditiously. There is also a secondary unit upstairs that is hardwired to give great coverage throughout the house. Since many of our guests use the network for business and shopping, I wanted it to be secure. This system constantly monitors, blocks, and reports hacking attempts. With most systems, hackers can continuously bombard the router trying to get into the system. After 10 failed attempts, they are permanently blocked. Access to reprogram the router now requires 2-factor authentication. I also set up a wireless WiFi for children of guests; it locks down between 11p and 7a and blocks adult content.

So far the system has worked very well and is speedy. Next step is to upgrade the longs runs of CAT5 to waterproof 6A for even better speed.