Wow! We working hard to keep in front of this issue. As a physician, I have had to intubate and manage COVID19 patients; some of what I have learned is relevant to vacation homes.

The virus, SARS CoV2 (Severe Adult Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2), that causes the disease COVID 19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019), appears to be primarily spread through droplets that are generated by cough, sneeze, and speech. Masks and social distancing appear to be very useful in preventing the spread of the droplets. Spread outside is much less likely because of dispersion into a large volume. The CDC has determined that spread by touching contaminated surfaces is not the primary mechanism by which the disease spreads. The virus enters the body through mucosal surfaces such as mouth and nose. Droplets can directly access these surfaces during inhalation of a cloud generated by an infected person. These droplets can settle on surfaces, but by the time they land, the area of distribution may be quite large and it is unlikely to get a large viral load on your hands and effectively transfer it to your mouth or nasal passages. Also, the virus degrades fairly rapidly on surfaces, especially with elevated temperatures. What does this mean for renters?

We have always taken cleaning very seriously, and have now doubled our effort. In the summer months we rent for a minimum of a week so there is a greatly reduced exposure compared to hotels, restaurants, and airplanes. Our house is very isolated and there is really no need to go to restaurants given the professional style kitchen. Also, there aren't any restaurants with a view comparable to ours. Ingredients can be safely purchased at farmers markets and stores since social distancing and masks are very effective for preventing disease. Sightseeing, biking, hiking and fishing are are fantastic activities that are are COVID safe!