Bar made of Pewter, Walnut, and Fossils

walnut, hand poured pewter, fossils, resin bar

Incredible bar representing 18 months of work made by owner. Features fossils, hand poured enter, walnut, and resin. Looks out over Mystic river. See complete details on menu "Chucks Projects"

Fresh slab of walnut, sold cheap because the heart wood split from the sap wood.

Solar kiln used to dry out slab over 6 months

Large frame built around the slab and a router on a sled used to level the piece

75# of scrap pewter purchased on Ebay

45# of pewter melted on stove and poured to add width to slab and joined to slab with dovetails

Fossils purchased from multiple places:

Orthoceras (black mollusks, from Morocco, 400M yrs old)

Ammonite (nautilus shape, Morocco, 400M)

Diplomystus ( large fish, Wyoming, 50M yrs)

Knightia (small fish, Wyoming, 50M yrs

Turritella agate(snails in slabs, Wyoming 50M)

Clear and colored epoxy was poured in many layers to create visual depth

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