Easy Scenic Bike Ride, Mystic, CT

Here is a fun, mostly flat ride (click on the link for details!). Great scenery. Be careful when riding on Route 1 to Cove rd.; There is a wide shoulder, but watch for rocks, glass, or debris. Please read my tips for safe Bike riding here

Great Videos

Here is a drone video taken at sunset from Enders Island

Here is a a drone video exploring Ram island

Here is an bicycle ride from Masons Island


Bottom Fishing using frozen mackerel and a 2oz sliding sinker.

Bluefish caught off dock

Hallway lights

I got tired of changing batteries to keep the motion activated light at the top of the stairs working. I opened the battery powered light and soldered wires from a left over plug transformer to the circuit board. The transformer plugs in under the stairs where the IT equipment lives. No that I know it works, I can use the technique in the lights inside the custom copper enclosures I built. I would like to keep the light focused on the stairs and not up in the eyes.

Emergency Stuff

The storage area in the hallway has a fire extinguisher and a box of emergency lights.

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