We want everybody to have a safe stay at our house. However, We live in a bit of a wilderness area that is exposed to storms, so it is useful to provide information that could help to prevent an accident. I don't remember ever getting hurt in Mystic, even in the days without cell phones and the only standard rule was "be back for dinner." Our guest have shown good judgment and parenting skills. Here are some tips to keep it safe

Poison Ivy

Poison ivy thrives on the island. I have tried my best to eradicate it from the property, and recent major landscaping has been a huge breakthrough. Be aware of what it looks like. If you know or even think you have touched it, treat the affected area right away with Tecnu. This lotion has an ingredient that binds to Urushiol, the chemical in poison ivy that causes the skin reaction. Soap and water alone are practically worthless. The key is to treat early.