We want everybody to have a safe stay at our house. However, We live in a bit of a wilderness area that is exposed to storms, so it is useful to provide information that could help to prevent an accident. I don't remember ever getting hurt in Mystic, even in the days without cell phones and the only standard rule was "be back for dinner." Our guest have shown good judgment and parenting skills. Here are some tips to keep it safe

Water and beach

Exploring the water areas and beach is great fun for children of all ages. I spent endless hours as a child paying on the beach, rocks, and water around the house. There are so many creatures, plants, and things that are hard to categorize. However, BE CAREFUL!

Water safety should be pretty obvious to everybody. Watch children and pets. We had to scoop our blind dachshund out of the water when she walked off the dock! The seawall and front yard get a lot of abuse from the weather, so be careful for trip holes or crumbling rock. Wear water footwear, and don't go barefoot. We believe the water in front is safe, although we have never tested it. My Grandfather swam off the dock at high tide all the time, and the water is probably cleaner now. People eat and harvest oysters just off our beach and have not reported any illness. The beach areas can have things washed in that could have sharp edges or points. The rocks are slippery and have sharp barnacles, so be careful.