We want everybody to have a safe stay at our house. However, We live in a bit of a wilderness area that is exposed to storms, so it is useful to provide information that could help to prevent an accident. I don't remember ever getting hurt in Mystic, even in the days without cell phones and the only standard rule was "be back for dinner." Our guest have shown good judgment and parenting skills. Here are some tips to keep it safe

Security Measures

We have never had a security issue at the house such as thefts, break-in etc. However, the world is changing and we want to do everything we can to protect our home and our guests.

Front Door Digital Lock - keeps track of everybody who goes in and out. There is no common key that gets passed around. Every guest has a unique PIN that only works during the time they are supposed to be there. If an incorrect PIN is entered, I get a text. If a repair person has to get in, they get a temporary PIN and they know that their arrival and leaving times are logged. We hire only reputable people to work for us, but it doesn't hurt to make sure that everybody realizes we take security seriously.

Smoke Detectors - We have smoke detectors that are continuously monitored by our alarm service. There are several fire extinguishers readily available as well.

Driveway video - There is a motion activated high def video camera that views the parking area. If somebody shows up when the house is supposed to be empty, we know about it. It has never happened, but we don't take chances. The video clips are stored both on and off site. We have had one instance where a guest asked us to review the clips. The back window of their car had been blown out while parked in the driveway. They didn't see or hear anything. However the tape clearly shows our landscaper starting up a weed whacker in the driveway and simultaneously the window imploding. The landscaper wears hearing protection and did not appear to notice the damage. Thanks to the video, there was no argument and the landscapers insurance paid for the repair.