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A series of interesting articles about techniques and concepts used in our recipes.

Scramble Time

Scrambled Eggs.

1) Turn heat on under skillet, shoot for a temp of 375F if you have an IR thermometer.
2) Crack your eggs, using about 1.5 eggs per person. Add a little mayo, trust me, it works. No need to try to beat it smoothly into the eggs; It will disappear as they cook.

Pour the mix into a hot skillet with a little butter or oil. Don't try to scramble like crazy.
I don't like all fluffed up. Instead I go for the messed up omelette look.
Put the bowl in the sink with some water running in it to start cleaning.

Add whatever cheese you have available. It seems to work best if you wait to add the cheese when the eggs are mostly cooked

Shut off the heat and fold a few times. Hey you are done. Now add some toppings.