CT Restriction on short term rentals

We are continuing to rent.

ON April 2, 2020 The Governor of CT banned short term rentals until phase 2 which is expected to be June 20, 2020.

  • For health care workers, first responders, and others who work for an essential business
  • For “members of vulnerable populations,”
  • For those receiving long-term, specialized medical care from a Connecticut physician and the family members of such individuals;
  • For those affected by “extenuating circumstances,” like fire or casualty, or those “unable to return to their own homes due to flight cancellations, border closures, or other direct and material constraints on travel"

Note that "Members of vulnerable populations," by definition, includes people over 60yrs old and people with pre-existing medical conditions. This covers the vast majority of our renters. Also there is no evidence that renting to families would endanger anybody. The concerns was that infected people were going to pour into CT and spread disease. The fact is that wearing masks and practicing social distancing has been able to protect hospital workers from contracting COVID 19. There is no evidence that renters do not follow safe practices. We are very concerned with safety, but it is imperative to use common sense.

The biggest COVID issue in CT, and many other states, is the failure of elected officials to recognize the danger to those living in nursing homes. These facilities are low margin operations that did not have the resources to deal with the COVID 19 problem. Without protocols, financing, and a large supply of protective equipment, a disaster was inevitable. This was totally predictable, and should have been addressed early on. It wasn't. Haircuts and outdoor individual activities were banned, while desperately needed assistance for nursing homes was ignored. From my perspective as a physician, this made absolutely no medical sense. Over 1,500 nursing home deaths in CT. That is a stunning number. Why ban individual dwelling rental homes while ignoring nursing homes? Why crush a portion of the economy without any demonstrable benefit? We are continuing to rent because it is technically permittable and because it is not a health issue.