Incredible Coffee

If you are a coffee fanatic, paradise awaits!

The Bonavita coffee brewer has been a big hit. with recent guests. It is one of 4 coffee machines certified by the SCAA, Specialty Coffee Association of America. We recently added an incredible Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder that uses steel gears to precisely grind beans. The grinder cost more than the coffee machine! Note the the ever popular whirling blade grinders create dust and chunks of varying sizes that ruin any hope of phenomenal coffee. There are detailed instructions and a digital scale to weigh beans. The result is unbelievably good coffee to start out each day.
I am busy modifying a Rancillio Silvia espresso machine. I added a pressure gauge and a small computer to control the temperature exactly. It should be ready in 2016. I will post a video to show how to make fantastic espresso drinks like Latte and Cappuccino at home.