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Pizza Oven, Blackstone Propane

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1) Remove cover and put it in the black plastic cage next to the pizza oven so it won't blow away.
2) Reach under the pizza oven to the rotisserie motor underneath. There is an on-off switch on the bottom surface of the motor (See picture below); turn it on so that the pizza turntable starts turning.
***** Do not go any further if this does not work.****** The stone will crack. (yes, somebody has already done this)

3) Turn the propane tank valve slowly clockwise; turning it too fast will cause a reduction in gas pressure due to a safety mechanism.
Light the burner using one of the two methods below:

  • 1) Use the portable gas lighter. Light it and stick it through the hole on the side of the oven so it is near the burner. Turn the gas control on the front of the oven clockwise about 3/4 to full.
  • 2) Turn the gas control in the front of the pizza oven up to about three quarters you'll hear a loud sound of the gas. Press and hold the starter button. You should hear it snapping and you'll see small sparks on the inside near the burner. Keep holding the button until the flame light sometimes it takes a little while. Don't put your face right in front of the opening unless you are tired of having eyebrows.

4) Preheat the stone on high for about 10 minutes. The temp on the bottom stone should be about 750. Use the thermal gun to test the temp.infra-red thermometer

5) Load the pie using the metal pizza peel. You can briefly stop the motor while doing this. When you load the pie, you want to decrease the heat to about half or a little bit less (just high enough to start a low roaring noise.) Thin pizza can be run at higher temp since there is less chance of under cooking the dough. Decreaseit more for thicker pizza dough.

6) Cook the pizza until it has areas that are black on the top, this is called "leoparding." You can check the bottom of the pizza, again you want it to get to the point where it nice and brown, a newborn spots is not an issue. If you need to finish up the top a little bit more you can always turn the heat up to high.
Take the pizza off the stone using the metal peel, the wood one does not work very good for this.

7) If you're continuing to cook pizzas turn the flame down to about half while you prepare the next pizza. Use the heat gun, you're looking for a bottom stone temperature of around 750. If you're done cooking pizzas turn off the gas at the tank then turn off the control on the front of the oven and turn off the electric motor for the platter.
Put the temp gun back in the plastic box. When the oven cools, put the cover on it.

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