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Coffee Coffee Coffee

Start with good coffee. The best place locally is Macondo in Stoneington. This is the hands down winner well worth the trip. Fresh beans that are not over roasted. See my review on Yelp. If the beans are oily looking they have been ruined by excessive heat; The actual flavor of the beans is gone. Roasters who do this can use low quality beans but still charge top dollar. Outfits like Starbucks have convinced millions that over roasted coffee is good.

Click Here for Drip Coffee Brewing Instructions The ultimate guide to making incredible drip coffee. Follow the instructions carefully, I have written them to be as precise as possible. This is really easy and fast after you go through the process once.

Drip Coffee Picture Guide Same instructions as above but with step by step pictures

Coffee by the cup Instructions using the CleverCup brewer for when you only want one great cup

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