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Thermostats Operation and Schedule

The heating system uses a very efficient oil furnace and 3 Nest thermostats. The temperature is modulated to provide comfort without wasting energy. The thermostats run on a schedule that is listed below. However, the thermostats can also be manually set. If the house is empty for more than a day, the temp is decreased to 50 degrees. We turn the heating schedule back on a few hours before guests arrive.

Thermostat Schedule
Bedrooms (Upstairs and Master)
6:15a temp increases to 70
10:15p temp decreases to 64
1:00a temp decreases to 59
Living room
6:15 temp increases to 70
Nest thermostat instructions

10p temp decreases to 61

Operating Nest Thermostats

1. Wave your hand in front of thermostat a few inches away, it should light up.

2. Grasp the outer rim of the thermostat and turn to adjust the temp

3. Thats it!

4. If you you push on the screen, you might get the full set of functions.

Simply turn the dial to highlight the check mark and push in on the dial

You can also use small fans like these to keep cool Click Here

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